A few Simple Questions to the designer

In your own words what is Style So Simple?

Style So Simple is about making great and professional designs accessible to anyone for one flat fee. I wanted the service to be easy for customers to use and less time consuming then the traditional design route. In my experience I have found that there are a lot of people in Ireland and the UK who want an Interior Designer but A, do not have the time for the designer to be in and out to the house and B, do not want the cost to start mounting up over the design process. Which I completely understand. So what I am creating here is a thorough design service that simply eliminates these factors by having the whole design process completed on an online platform. It’s simply about connecting people with a professional designer at ease.

Why online interior design?

When working for other companies I worked on projects from Paris to Sydney without leaving the Dublin studio. These were all successful complete shell and core redesigns. From this I realised that my location and the client’s location is not an issue. Working online gives me access to a wider client market and in turn gives the client’s easy access to an Interior Designer.

By going the online route the whole design process is made extremely convenient and thus less stressful. The client does not to need to organise in house meetings with their designer to review designs suggestions and changes. They will receive everything in their personal log in area which they can view at their leisure. Whether they are on a tea break in work or relaxing for the evening at home.

Finally by going online I save not just the client but also myself a lot of time and in turn the cost is cut dramatically. This is simply done as the face to face meetings are eliminated and therefore so much time for each project is saved. It just seemed like a mutually beneficial business venture.

But do you not find the online route scary?

Not at all! There has been a massive change in people shopping online, from weekly groceries to online banking. Even if you are booking a gym class it’s booked online. Developing this online platform feels like the natural progression. If it can be done online, then why not?

Who is Style So Simple aimed at?

For right now I am focusing on residential clients and I am hoping to grow this to commercial Interiors in the future. The design packages we’ve developed cater to all stages of a potential client’s design. Meaning that the service is aimed at people looking for a complete design guide for a new home, to homes that just need small inputs for some finishing items.

I personally feel that Style So Simple will really suit two very different people! The first are people who are just too busy to have a designer in and out of the home. People who simply do not have the option to take time off to get their house designed but also really want that designer look. Finally as the service is a online platform, Style so Simple will also suit people living in areas with limited access to designers.



Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication’ – Leonardo da Vinci


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