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Style So Simples – Top 5 Stylish Picks From Harvey Norman

Is it just me or has Harvey Norman completely upped its game in the interiors department over the last year? Or am I just late to the know how? Well, whichever and whenever I am now [...]

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How To Update Your Home For Airbnb

Airbnb has gotten so popular among renter's and homeowners who want to earn some extra dolla dolla, but how do you prep your home for Airbnb guests? What will make your interior bring you from standard host to super [...]

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Mini Weekend Makeovers for your Kitchen.. That are simple and affordable!

Hey Everyone!! I hope you are all having a great weekend and for those of you in Ireland, I hope you guys are keeping warm and having fun with this cray cray snow! Before I dive into my [...]

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The Design Rules You Should Never Break

When designing your home the biggest challenge I see my clients face is where to start.   With anything creative, it can be a daunting task as there are no set rules or guidelines to follow.  At the [...]

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Top 5 essential interior design blog’s you need to follow for 2018

Following on from my previous blog the 'Style So Simple’s Top 5 Interior Design Blogs To Follow In 2018'  I am going to share the next list of interior design blogs to follow for 2018 [...]

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Style So Simple’s Top 5 Interior Design Blogs To Follow In 2018

So it's 2018, you guys!!! Which means lots and lots of 2018 faves, design predictions, and 2018 must follows! Style So Simple is just a year old and this is the first time I have [...]

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Style So Simple’s Guide To Creating A Very Merry Hygge Christmas

For most people, decorating for Christmas is about more and more. You want your home to look like a Christmas explosion! But for other’s a low key and simple display is your jam. In other [...]

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Style So Simple’s – Must Try Christmas Decorating Ideas

Hello Everyone! I have been majorly MIA over the last month 🙁 I was away on a project in St. Louis and did not get a minute to think about blogging! I am heading back [...]

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Designer Tips and Tricks: How to create a great designed living room not just a good one.

How do you elevate your living room from good to great? Do you need to buy new furniture and decor.. and basically change the whole thing....Nope 🙂 Most people do have all the items they [...]

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Tricia’s New Bright Kitchen

Today I am going to do a blog that is slightly different from any of my others to date. I am going to share with you behind the scenes of a kitchen redesign completed in [...]

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Style So Simple’s – Top 5 interior design trends for Autumn 2017

A few months ago I did a round-up of the interior design trends for 2017 and also how to make them work in your home for summer. But now as we say goodbye to Sammy [...]

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10 Different Ways To Style Your Bedside Table

The bedside table often gets forgotten when designing our homes. It usually ends up as a storing space for books that you definitely will get around to reading, one or two empty glasses, headphones, chargers [...]

How to Make a Rental Your Own…Without losing your deposit!

There can be nothing worse than having to live in a home that you can't change or put your mark on. Well, you could change it but it may bite you when you go looking [...]

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What Are The Best Furniture & Decor Stores? That Are Budget Friendly!

As I am a renter and not a home owner I really do not like to spend a huge amount on furniture and even decor knowing that I will most likely have to leave or [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About IKEA’s New 2018 Collection.

I promised I would do a blog on IKEA'S new products once they arrived in stores, and as of the 15th of this month, they are here and I am loving them. So, I have [...]

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How To Make Your Home Brighter And More Inviting

So it is the last month of summer 🙁 and although we get amazing long days in Ireland during the summer months, we also get super short days in the winter 🙁 (major sad face!) [...]

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How To Make IKEA Look Expensive..Designer Secrets

I spent the month of July in Ireland and had no less than five yes FIVE trips to the lovely IKEA and as I was yapping all last week about their new collection. Why not keep [...]

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Breaking news: The New IKEA Catalogue Is Here, and its kinda amazing

Stop Everything!!! IKEA has just released the first images showcased in its 2018’s catalogue…. and YUP it's amazing!!!! It's no secret that I am a major IKEA fan and maybe get a little bit too excited for [...]

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How To Create A Beach Haven In Your Home..Perfect For Summer!

So, guys, I have just finished a design for a teen boy and I have to say I have learned soo much from it! At first, I found it slightly trying purely because I had [...]

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How To Add Texture To Your Home For Summer 2017

So I have been yapping on for weeks now about the best 2017 Interior Design trends and how to use them in your home for summer.  I have loved every minute of it! I actually [...]

Make Your Interior Pop For Summer 2017 With Tropical Prints

With Pantone choosing vibrant greenery as the colour of the year for 2017, to Pinterest revealing that the houseplant trend has been one of the most shared interior trends for 2017, and now tropical prints making their way [...]

The Hottest Houseplants For Summer 2017 Are???

  I am heading back to Ireland in less than a week and I am sooooo excited! Ireland is amazing for greenery and scenery(see how that rhymed)...But we have one small issue in the Summer… [...]

The Perfect Trend For Summer 2017 – New Opulence

2016 was all about pastel shades and rose gold. Soft and subtle tones are still beautiful. But they have had their day in the sun 🙂 This year's New Opulence trend will feature rich velvets and [...]

How To Use Greenery In Your Home For Summer 2017

Okay, guys summer is here and the trends for 2017 are in (for a recap have a look at last weeks blog on the Top Trends for 2017 here). So, as promised, I am going [...]

Top Interior Design Trends For 2017

When I was back in Ireland last week my appreciation for a hot sunny day in our beautiful Éire spiralled. Even with living in sunny Spain for the past few months summer did not officially [...]

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12 Simple Ways To Use Satin Brass In Your Home

So Rose Gold and Copper were the must have finishes in your home for 2016 but this year it's all about Satin Brass. Featuring in Forbes ‘Top 10 Home Design Trends To Expect In 2017’ [...]

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Interior Designers You Need To Follow On Instagram!

Before the internet, we used to rely on tear-outs from magazines to get our home inspiration.  I do still enjoy reading a good Interiors mag but thank god we now have the option of Pinterest and [...]

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Top 5 IKEA Hacks for 2017

  Following on from last weeks blog '8 IKEA Products Interior Designers Swear By' I have compiled a list of the best IKEA hacks of 2017. Well the best hacks so far, I’ll update the [...]

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8 IKEA Products Interior Designers Swear By

Personally, I have a love/ hate relationship with IKEA. I kind of think most people feel this way. The prices are amazing and the Swedish giant always offers a furniture collection that is both classic and [...]

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Living Room More Luxurious Today

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Living Room More Luxurious Today If you suffer from major home interior design envy every time you open up Instagram or Pinterest...I get you...and if you are not ready [...]

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3 Blogs Every Interior Design Fan Needs To Follow

3 Blogs Every Interior Design Fan Needs To Follow If you are anything like myself and have a slight obsession with stunning interiors and décor finds, you probably already have a long list of blogs [...]

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What is Online Interior Design?

What is Online Interior Design? Online interior design is also known as e-design, remote design, or virtual design is making the interior design service accessible to clients that wouldn’t otherwise have the resources to work [...]

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How to Hire and Interior Designer on a Budget

  How to Hire and Interior Design on a Budget As an Interior Designer, one of the most common questions I'm asked by friends and clients who are looking to revamp their home is ‘How [...]

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What is Style So Simple?

What is Style So Simple? Style So Simple is an Irish online Interior Design company, providing personalized Interior design services for residential clients. Style So Simple works with your style and budget to transform you [...]

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